Bird Feeding Kit Details

Bienvenido's Bird Feeding Starter Kit allows you to recreate many scenes from the book in your own backyard or schoolyard.  All three included feeders are reusable.  So, while enjoying your new visitors, explore local stores where you can replenish supplies as needed. 

Classic Cedar Feeder:

This Amish-made hopper style cedar feeder is attractive, durable, easy to fill and ready to hang.  It holds up to three pounds of seeds and ships with 2 lbs of safflower seeds.  Safflower seeds attract cardinals, chickadees, titmice, nuthatches, and finches (among others).

Suet Basket:

These easy-to-fill suet baskets are designed to be easy on wild bird feet with vinyl coating that ensures their feet do not freeze to the basket in winter.  Includes a chain hanger.

 Suet BasketPackage of suet

Product Features:

  • Approx Size: 4.5” x 4.5” x 1”
  • Premium Quality, Melt-Resistant Formula
  • Easy-Open, No Mess, 100% recyclable Packaging
  • Attracts tree-clinging and perching birds such as Chickadees, Cardinals, Nuthatches, Titmice, Sparrows, Woodpeckers, Blue Jays and Juncos
  • Ingredients: Rendered Beef Suet, Cracked Corn, Millet, Pecan Pieces and Processed Grain By-Products

Nyjer Seed Feeder:

Soft mesh socks make it easy for wild birds to take hold of seed and enjoy their food. The nyjer seed feeder is an eighteen inch refillable mesh sock.

Finches on nyjer feeder

Nyjer Seed:

Product Features:

  • A high-energy food source that is perfect for finches and other small-beaked birds.
  • Attracts all types of finches including American Goldfinches, Purple Finches, and House Finches, as well as chickadees

Ear of Corn:

Each Bienvenido Backyard Bird Feeding Starter Kit also includes an ear of corn for the squirrels.

Squirrel corn