About Us

About the Story:

Everyone knows that cats "like" birds.  But, bird lovers, do not worry!  Bienvenido the Bird-watching Cat is an indoor cat, who watches birds through the back porch window. 

Bienvenido introduces us to common backyard birds and some of their common behaviors, through a charming story, and stunning close-up photographs.  As the story progresses, and the list of birds grows, readers and listeners play a memory game. 

That game, along with problem solving, and numerous opportunities for counting the birds, has made the story popular for STEM education (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics).   It is now used for home-school, Montessori, and conventional classrooms. 

Explore curiously!, from the goldfinch pages, has become our motto, and we encourage bird-watchers of all ages to join us!  All the principles introduced in the story are available on our t-shirts and other bird-watching gear.   

About the Author:

Kevin Drury is a professor of mathematics, who enjoys sharing his interests in nature with young people.  At his day job, he does this through the symbols and logic of math, in teaching and publications.  According to Galileo, "the story of the Creation is written in the language of mathematics."  

Outside the university setting, Bienvenido the Bird-watching Cat was a natural project for him. For example, the author has a life-long interest in birds, and birding (e.g., the Celery Fields and Magee Marsh).  His family cat, Bienvenido actually did obsessively watch birds at feeders through the back porch window.  However natural the project, it could not have happened as well as it did without our publisher.

About the Publisher

Bienvenido the Bird-watching Cat is published by Silvin Books.  Robert, our contact at Silvin Books was completely wonderful to work with.  He conscientiously, and meticulously, guided the book from the realm of ideas into a tangible product.